About Follow That Dream Film Productions

Follow That Dream Film Productions was created in 2007 by Award Winning Independent Writer, Executive Producer and Lead Actor Matt Markey.

In 2012 Follow That Dream Film Productions released it's first feature film entitled RICKY. Matt Markey wrote, executive produced and starred in the Award Winning Romantic Comedy. Later that year RICKY won four Best Romantic Comedy Awards. The tally included "Best Comedy Feature" and "Audience Choice Best Feature" from the LOS ANGELES FILM, TV & WEBISODE FESTIVAL, "Best Romantic Comedy" from THE BEVERLY HILLS FILM & TELEVISION FESTIVAL and "Best Romantic Comedy" at the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. The legendary John Avildsen, Director of ROCKY quoted: "RICKY is a great homage to ROCKY!"

Today Follow That Dream Film Productions is a joint venture passionately driven between two childhood friends and natives of White Plains, New York.

Founder Matt Markey and Managing Partner Deborah Di Santo.

Current 2017 projects include the pre-production of the upcoming feature film FAIRVILLE, a dramatic tale based on a true story. 

 Also in pre-production is the sequel to RICKY, RICKY MCDOWN The Irish Curse.  The RICKY franchise is currently in the stages of its series development.