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RICKY is a romantic comedy about love, social status, heroism and friendship. Socially awkward Ricky McDown (Matt Markey) will do everything to win back his completely opposite ex-girlfriend, Tracy Goldigs (Jessica Manuel). The rich socialite has made it clear to Ricky that it's "over ." Ricky who shares the giant sized heart of his idol 'Rocky' also believes in Balboa's words of"it ain't over till it's over."

When Ricky seeks the help of his tomboyish friend Janie Holder (Sabrina Bolin) to win back Tracy, she initially tries to make it clear to Ricky that sometimes social circles just don't mesh. Undeterred or maybe just plain stupid, Ricky persists for Janie to help get him get back into shape; as she reluctantly agrees. 

Living on the "other side of the tracks" with his misguided but well intentioned working class friends Derrick Blazer (Shawn Savage) and Nader Beaten (John Ruby) Ricky still finds himself frequenting places he shouldn't be going; which only makes Ricky realize that he desires to "change" who he is even more and become the man of Tracy's dreams. 

However the man of Tracy's dreams is the pretentious Casanova Brad Price (Ernest Heinz). While working as a hotdog street vendor to save up money to buy an engagement ring for Tracy, Ricky is informed by one of Tracy's empathetic friends Suezanne Siegel (Jennifer Reiter) that Tracy and Brad are tying the knot. 

In an emoted final scene, Ricky crashes their Malibu engagement party, taking the last stand in the final round against Tracy and her blue-blooded family and friends. More interestingly this is where he professes his true found love for Janie. In Janie's last words to Ricky -" I hope Tracy will see you for the great guy you are. But I can't be around for that." 

Will Ricky lose at love yet again? 





“... a great homage to ROCKY.”
— John G. Avildsen (Acadamy Award Winning Director of Rocky)
“RICKY is a charming, offbeat romantic comedy about a likable underdog in the mold of Stallone’s ‘Rocky.’ Matt Markey scores as both Actor and Writer.”
— Stephen Farber: Film Critic, Reel Talk

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